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A subsidiary firm of South Indian Group, focus on manufacturing good quality PVC pipes (both water pipes and conduits), fittings, and other related products setting up its own plants. Our products are popular for its good quality and attained very good demand in the market. South Indian Plastics has managed to get ISO Certification for its quality management and products have attained ISI Certification for its noted quality. Our brand ‘VARDHAN’ has attained honor from all corners of the wide market.

PVC pipes market can be broadly divided into organized and unorganized sector both having an equal market share. Organized market for PVC pipes would be around Rs.5,500 crores, growing modestly at about 10 per cent each year. A PVC pipe is a ‘High Volume Low Margin Business’. Because of the large number of players in the market the margin per unit is not very high. However, the nationwide, constantly growing demand enables large companies with branded products to achieve high volume of sales. The most critical part of PVC pipes business is the establishment of a strong and loyal dealer network. As the country’s demand keeps increasing in double digit figures the capacity creation is catching up so that the increase in demand is fulfilled. South Indian Plastics has been proposed to increase its production capacities by setting up new plants at various parts of the country.

The Rs.5,500 crore organized PVC pipe industry has seen a modest 10 per cent growth over the past few years and has accumulated a production capacity of nearly 8,50,000 metric tonnes per annum in the organized sector. The main reason for this is that the industry derives nearly two thirds of its business from the agricultural sector; the other major sector for demand is construction. If the pipe industry has to further clock a faster growth, it will have to increase its exposure to the construction segment. Real estate and infrastructure have been growing to the tune of 20-25 per cent yearly and this is where growth is going to come from.

Manufacturing of PVC pipes and fittings is not high technology process which is clearly seen from the fact, that 50 per cent of the total business is still unorganized. The new technologies and technology controlled machines do make production simpler and more efficient but still producing high quality pipes consistently is not easy.

Quality standards we keep on our products:

  • ISI mark PVC pipe must be ONLY in LIGHT GREY Colour with SMOOTH inner and outer surfaces, and visually sound.
  • Effective length of pipe should be 6 mtr. Socketed part must not be counted in length.
  • Pipe cutting should be without burr.
  • Above are the parameters laid down by Bureau of Indian standards for visual appearance? As a customer you must check above.
  • Thickness can be verified by ball point micrometer and O.D. by pie
  • tape OR O.D. can be checked by customer by inserting pipe in good quality Pipe fitting Pipe must go tight in the fitting to ensure leak proof joint with solvent cement.
  • The wall of the pipe shall not transmit more than 0.2 % of the visible light.
  • ISI standard 4985 is silent about weight of pipe; Thickness of the pipe must be as per IS and following test are carried out before marking ISI.
Dimension test, Opacity, Effect on Water, Reversion Test, Short Term and Long Term Hydrostatic Pressure Test, Impact test, Ash Content Test, Specific gravity test.


Some spurious manufacturers add unwanted amount of CALCIUM CARBONATE (Filler) to gain weight of pipe and sell pipe on the basis of weight. Their Pipe Weight will match with Good quality ISI pipe but NOT THE STRENGTH because adding Filler (LIME) has increased the weight. PVC Pipe available at cheaper price than raw material (PVC) automatically proves addition of unwanted amount of LIME. Hence PVC pipe manufactured with addition of more LIME, Scrap and fake ISI mark will give, you PROBLEMS in short time and your time & money spent in purchase and labour (Installation,) will be in vain.


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